Off The Record Pilot Production Still

The Hostage

An anti-war comedy with music and improv.



A devised physical theater piece exploring self image in relation to society.

Reading To Vegetables

A world premiere inspired by the Milgram experiment on obedience to authority.

Talk To Me Like The Rain

Tennessee William's poetic love story about alcoholism. 

Run For Your Wife

A farce illustrating the dangerous repercussions of a lie.

Hello From Bertha

One woman's struggle to die with dignity.

The 20th Century Way

A competition, a love story and a true tale of entrapment that lead to over 30 arrests and a suicide.

Why Do You Smoke So Much, Lily

A familial struggle with mental illness, death and society's expectations.

Caught In The Net

A farce about children growing up and uncovering the truth about their parents.

Androcles And The Lion

A Commedia dell'arte play about the power of kindness and the "weak's" ability to prevail.